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Democratic Debate: Candidates Discuss Their Plans to Help Families

The last two democratic presidential debates featured no questions about the gender pay gap, paid parental leave or other economic

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People of Color Are Moving to the Suburbs – Not as Promising as It Once Was

In the traditional American image of suburbia, the majority of residents are predominately native-born white Americans, living in large single-family

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African American Online Marketer Reveals How to Host Successful, Profitable Events

Born Logic Allah, a successful entrepreneur and respected marketing expert, has launched a Masterclass on how to host and monetize

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Becoming Numb to Mass Shootings

Each time we experience a mass shooting, we repeat the pattern—a point I have made in previous columns. Shock, grief,

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Federal Court Blocks Trump Asylum Ban from Being Applied to Thousands of Asylum Seekers

Provides Important Protection for Those Previously Turned Back at Ports of Entry SAN DIEGO – A federal judge today blocked the

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Bloomberg: ‘I apologize! We didn’t get everything right.’

Was it Trump? Was it Obama? Nope. The surprise visitor last Sunday to the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn was

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Gladys Harrison, Nebraska’s Unconventional Candidate for Congress

If Gladys Harrison isn’t the most unique candidate to run for Congress out of Nebraska, folks would be hard-pressed to find who

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Saying ‘Ok Boomer’ at Work Is Age Discrimination – Millennial Put-Downs Aren’t

The phrase “OK boomer” has become a catch-all put-down that Generation Zers and young millennials have been using to dismiss

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Waters Leads House in Affirming the Civil Rights Act of 1866 & its Section 1981

Ahead of Supreme Court Oral Arguments, Rep. Waters Leads House in Affirming the Civil Rights Act of 1866 & its

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Civic Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize.

NC Black Alliance Announces Support for “A Call to Colors” – GDN Exclusive, Vol. II, Part XXVI

Saying that “There is no time better than now, specifically in North Carolina, for like-minded organizations to align our approach

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Divine Nine Organizations Prepare For 2020 Elections – GDN Exclusive, Vol. II, Part XXVI

It should be no secret that the fraternities and sororities that proudly make up the Divine Nine plan to assist

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FSU Senior has Registered Over 1,100 Voters – GDN Exclusive, Vol. II, Part XXV

Since she’s been a Bronco at Fayetteville State University (FSU), senior Kristian Carlyle, 21, says she’s registered well over 1,000

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Voting Could Be the Problem With Democracy

Around the globe, citizens of many democracies are worried that their governments are not doing what the people want. When voters

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Voters Often Parrot the Party Line, Even When Polls Suggest Otherwise

Over time, political science has learned which types of questions are informative and which are not, based on models of public opinion.

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Aggie SGA-AG Pushes Campus Student Voter Engagement – GDN Exclusive, Vol. II, Part XXIV

Brenda Caldwell is the attorney general for N.C. A&T University’s Student Government Association. But the Greensboro native, junior and Political

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What Matters 2020 – Issues That Impact Minority Communities

In an exclusive interview, Cullors tells the NNPA Newswire that BLM was invited to attend the third installment of the Democratic Presidential Debate…

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Act Now: The Senate Bill 250 Is Bad for Voters and Immigrants – Take Action Now

The North Carolina General Assembly is at it again attacking the right to vote and people who are immigrants in one fell swoop. Your state representative is about to vote on a bill that could result in registered voters being improperly removed from the voter rolls

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NPHC Council of Presidents Announced Strategic Priorities Supporting Viability of the African American Community

The nine historically Black Greek-Lettered Organizations, recently announced its annual strategic priorities that will guide its collective efforts to address systemic issues affecting the viability of the African American community.

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Economic Equity

Expanding Equal Access

How Start Investing for the Long-Term – Choose Investment Priorities

Learn about the investment options available to you that make the most sense for your long-term financial success. Investing can

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“Shop Black Week” Campaign to Boost Support For Black-Owned Businesses

Nationwide — As consumers across the U.S. gear up for holiday deals on sales merchandise, this Black Friday, a coalition urges

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Black Entrepreneur Creates First Ever Social Networking App to Bridge Wealth Gap

New Orleans, LA — BEAN Now, the social networking app designed to foster relationships and connect members of the African American community,

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Books of Knowledge

Education for the Masses.

Race for Profit: How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black Homeownership

By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
“Race for Profit” uncovers how exploitative real estate practices continued well after housing discrimination was banned. The same racist structures and individuals remained intact after redlining’s end…

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“Tough Love – My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For”

By Susan E. Rice
Recalling pivotal moments from her dynamic career on the front lines of American diplomacy and foreign policy, Susan E. Rice—National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama and US Ambassador to the United Nations—reveals her surprising story with unflinching candor.

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Native Son Returns Home to Premier Book Dr. Ron Daniels Launches First Book

By Dr. Ron Daniels
Dr. Ron Daniels, veteran social and political activist and President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century, announced the launch of his first book…

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